The Theatre Bus is now being run by...

We are sorry to see the Theatre Bus go but we’re delighted that our work will be continued by the fabulous PitchBlack Mobilestage.


For further information please visit their website:

Last Stop For The Theatre Bath Bus

We are sad to announce that after two highly successful years, and many brilliant adventures it’s time for the Theatre Bus’s journey to come to an end.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who believed in us and made the idea a reality and helped us along our way. To everyone who donated – it was you that made this idea come to life – we simply could not have done it without your support and belief. To the team at Bristol Bus and Coach Company (Simon and all the guys at the yard) and to Chris and Leo at Spirolux Ltd for their help with the design and conversion of the bus.

The bus has won two awards. The Creative Bath Creative Space Award and also Best Venue at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We have been lucky enough to be able to help out so many different local organisations and charities and we are pleased that the bus was able to give back to the community of Bath and the surrounding areas.

We want the bus to continue as a mobile venue and are hopeful that somebody will take it on to continue the work that we’ve started. Doing so will require ongoing financial support which is why we have decided that we unfortunately have to let it go.

Thank you all again for your support. 

Thank you to everyone who watched a show or performed on the bus. And thank you for believing and dreaming with us and making that dream a reality.

Theatre Bus Finances

A few people have asked about the Theatre Bus’s finances so here is a breakdown of the costs:

Purchase of the bus  £1800
Respray  £1920
Carpentry  £2922
Light and Sound  £2190
Upholstery & Curtains  £703
Bus Signage  £475
Generator  £3342
TOTAL  £13,352



Donations  £7368.55
Theatre Angel Loan  £7400
TOTAL  £14,768.55


What are people said about us?

Dorothy House Hospice

“Thanks so much for all your help on Friday, we are incredibly grateful to you and the Theatre Bath Bus team for all your help and support of Dorothy House. The bus is a fantastic resource and we loved using it to help promote the Bath Moonlight Walk. What a great idea and aren’t we luck to have such a fantastic bus supporting the Bath community.”

  • Emily Knight, Events Fundraiser – Dorothy House Hospice

Zenith Youth Theatre Company at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

“The idea of bringing a bus from Bath to Edinburgh is sheer genius and should be applauded… to sit in the Meadows and bring art and theatre to the masses…” 

– Donald Stewart – Fringe Review


“…a fantastic little venue on a converted bus…”

– Amy Hanson – Broadway World


“The venue itself is stunning. A single-storey bus with just 20 seats, 2 either side of the aisle is not your usual theatrical space especially with a cast of 12… The use of the small space is inspired especially when the appearance of the dancing frogs makes the bus sway from side to side as if you were on a boat (which our 2 heroes were).” –  Darkchat review of The Frogs

Little Potatoes by Clare Reddaway - Bath Fringe 2018

“The bus is lovely, you were so helpful and chilled out. It’s a really quirky, original venue which has been carefully and thoughtfully designed, with a terrific high spec sound system. I was inspired to think of future bus related performances that we could bring to it. We loved being there – it was a treat to be on board!”

  • Clare Reddaway, Author – Little Potatoes – Bath Fringe 2018

Bath Opportunity Pre-School

“The team arrived early to set up and took plenty of time to explain about the Theatre Bus facilities and how they could be adapted to meet the needs of the children. The Theatre Bus is a lovely setting for children who may not be able to access trips – it certainly was the highlight of our week!” 

– Claire Wilson – Bath Opportunity Pre-school

Double Award Win

Not only did the Theatre Bus win the Creative Bath Creative Spaces category but its production of the Frogs by Zenith Youth Theatre Company won 4 awards (including best venue) at the Darkchat Awards.

We are absolutely delighted to have won this second award!


For a full list of winners please visit the Darkchat website:


Creative Bath Awards 2018

We are excited and proud to announce that we have won the Creative Bath Award for the Creative Spaces category.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us and helped us to make the Theatre Bus a reality. This award is for all of you who helped us make this crazy dream a reality.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018

Thank you to everyone who visited the Theatre Bus in Edinburgh and supported Zenith Youth Theatre Companies Shows.