The Bath Theatre Bus is being converted by Simon Munden and team at Bristol Bus & Coach Sales


Simon Munden Says:

“We are Bristol Bus & Coach Sales. We are specialists in the procurement and modifications of vehicles specifically, double decker and single decker public service vehicles. In fact where we are based is a short distance from where some “Bristol” Vehicles were originally built and we have sold many all over the world I include some pictures from our portfolio to illustrate, please take a moment to view these. I include one of the most recent after it arrived for shipping to Cambodia. (the deep blue bus)

Bus Conversions 2 Bus Conversions

Many other further modifications can be made to vehicles and can be completed, please see the “Coca-Cola” bus picture this vehicle went to Estonia for promotional tour including some interesting modifications inside and the provision of a generator. Or maybe like clients in Latvia you wish a vehicle converted into a café bus with tables?


An open topper (The Yellow bus pictures) we have recently converted went to Nigeria and we have some very happy clients already talking about a second bus!”