The Theatre Bath Bus is proud to be appearing at Bath Festivals Party in the City. A night of free musical entertainment around Bath.

The bus will be parked on Alfred Street (near to the Assembly Rooms).

Come along and catch some of Bath’s hottest musical acts from 6pm onwards.


The Sherlock Combs​ – 6pm
A four-part Barbershop Quartet with a bit of a twist. We tend to sing TV themes mixed in with some of the traditional items!



Elle Easton​ – 6:30pm
Elle Easton is an Acoustic-Country artist who draws inspiration from the world around her. With poignant and emotive lyrics, her repertoire listens like the journal of a young woman navigating life and growing up in the 21st Century, accompanied by a backdrop of easy-listening acoustic guitar and vocal melodies.



Nigel Beckett – 7pm
Nigel Beckett has been entertaining people for far too long both at local folk clubs and festivals around the country. He has the ability to make you cry, but is far more likely to get you laughing. In his other life as a physics teacher he brings his music into the classroom, and has written a number of songs about science. He plays guitar, violin and hammered dulcimer.




Obviously Kirsty​ – 7:30pm
Kirsty is a graduate of Bath Spa University with a masters in Songwriting. Her observational lyrics tell stories of ageing and dementia, capturing the plight and joy of individuals often over-looked in a frenetic world. Her rich melodies and delicate guitar picking nod to influences from Joni Mitchell, Laura Marling and Lucy Rose. Kirsty released her debut album, Pension Plans, earlier this month.


Ben Hutcheson​- 8pm
Acoustic Folk Rock performer Ben Hutcheson is credited for a dark, husky growl of a voice with softer tones. His unique writing style and distinctive songs are not to be missed.



Chloe Merilla Tyghe​ – 8:30pm
Chloe has been writing songs for as long as she can remember. She is currently recording her debut album and has just completed studying for her masters in songwriting. Chloe creates music that is evocative, sensual & atmospheric. She is passionate about writing lyrics that are vulnerable & truthful and is inspired by likes of Lou Rhodes, Joanna Newsroom and Surfjan Stevens.


Come and play!
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