Bus Day 4 – Cable, Cable Everywhere… and still the bus ain’t pink (ahem isn’t… ahem purple!)

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Today was mainly about cables…

Electrical cables…

Data Cables…

Sound Cables…

Speaker Cables…

So far over 400m of cable has gone into the bus. That’s a lot of cable!

We’ve embedded 4 XLR sockets, DMX and power into the actual stage itself which all runs back to the tech area.

Good news is that we are almost there cable wise. A few more bits at the front to do and a fuse box to mount and we have all of the necessary bits run in ready to power up the bus.

The bus will be fed from a generator via a 32amp socket mounted on the outside.

We’ve rigged the front of house lighting bar which will eventually hold 6 LED Pars and a LED projector for mobile cinema or presentations.

We’ve also run in the power for our blue working rope light at the back and the front.

Someone has been in to look at the heating and air conditioning and has a plan for us to be able to heat and cool the bus effectively.

A bass sub amp and speaker has been installed and is wired up ready to go.

The seating partition at the back of the bus
Tomorrow the inside gets painted, all the working lights will be installed, Birdies will be installed about the bar and merchandise area, fire exit signs will go in and hopefully the bar and tech area will be finished.

And… finally tonight we’ve been assured the bus is going purple. In fact they started as we were leaving at 6pm! So hopefully some purple bus pictures for you tomorrow.


Spray painting the bus

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